Friday, September 17, 2010


According to Dr. HCG ... NOT ME!!!

Faulty Dieting
Few patients will take one's word for it that the slightest deviation from the diet has under HCG disastrous results as far as the weight is concerned. This extreme sensitivity has the advantage that the smallest error is immediately detectable at the daily weighing but most patients have to make the experience before they will believe it.
Persons in high official positions such as embassy personnel, politicians, senior executives, etc., who are obliged to attend social functions to which they cannot bring their meager meal must be told beforehand that an officialdinner will cost them the loss of about three days treatment, however careful they are and in spite of a friendly and would-be cooperative host. We generally advise them to avoid all around embarrassment, the almost inevitable turn of conversation to their weight problem and the outpouring of lay counsel from their table partners by not letting it be known that they are under treatment. They should take dainty servings of everything, bide what they can under the cutlery and book the gain which may take three days to get rid of as one of the sacrifices which their profession entails. Allowing three days for their correction, such incidents do not jeopardize the treatment, provided they do not occur all too frequently in which case treatment should be postponed to a socially more peaceful season.

Dietary Errors
Any interruption of the normal loss of weight which does not fit perfectly into one of those categories is always due to some possibly very minor dietary error. Similarly, any gain of more than 100 grams is invariably the result of some transgression or mistake, unless it happens on or about the day of ovulation or during the three days preceding the onset of menstruation, in which case it is ignored. In all other cases the reason for the gain must be established at once.
The patient who frankly admits that he has stepped out of his regimen when told that something has gone wrong is no problem. He is always surprised at being found out, because unless he has seen this himself he will not believe that a salted almond, a couple of potato chips, a glass of tomato juice or an extra orange will bring about a definite increase in his weight on the following day.
Very often he wants to know why extra food weighing one ounce should increase his weight by six ounces. We explain this in the following way: Under the influence of HCG the blood is saturated with food and the blood volume has adapted itself so that it can only just accommodate the 500 calories which come in from the intestinal tract in the course of the day. Any additional income, however little this may be, cannot be accommodated and the blood is therefore forced to increase its volume sufficiently to hold the extra food, which it can only do in a very diluted form. Thus it is not the weight of what is eaten that plays the determining role but rather the amount of water which the body must retain to accommodate this food.
This can be illustrated by mentioning the case of salt. In order to hold one teaspoonful of salt the body requires one liter of water, as it cannot accommodate salt in any higher concentration. Thus, if a person eats one teaspoonful of salt his weight will go up by more than two pounds as soon as this salt is absorbed from his intestine.
To this explanation many patients reply: Well, if I put on that much every time I eat a little extra, how can I hold my weight after the treatment? It must therefore be made clear that this only happens as long as they are under HCG. When treatment is over, the blood is no longer saturated and can easily accommodate extra food without having to increase its volume. Here again the professional reader will be aware that this interpretation is a simplification of an extremely intricate physiological process which actually accounts for the phenomenon.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Little Black Dress

Sometimes Nick and I have Dates, at home!

I love to get dressed up... It feels good to be in a favorite!!! 

Nick was making me laugh!!! I know they are cheesey! BUT fun. Set a goal and do it for yourself!!!

 Its rewarding!

Makes it so worth every Melba your crunched! ;)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

FINALLY!!!!! (23 days later)

I am super PROUD to show you that having a baby wont mess your body up for life! I feel as good as I did before I got pregnant.....

I was sooo afraid I was going to be looking at this in the mirror forever... Believe me that is what it looks like a few weeks post baby. Your skin is wrinkly....

But thank you to the ever so wonderful LAY IT ON THICK....
(for my one, only ONE cm. long stretch mark above my belly button)

Thanks to my healthy diet while I was pregnant... (OK that one was a total joke for my husband, because he was afraid I wasn't going to feed her one good thing while she was in my belly) 

NOT thank you for breastfeeding... You were not on my team this time...

BUT thank you to my SKINNY DROPS and willpower... 

This is me now.... 9 weeks 2 days POST BABY

Thank you to my sweet hubby for taking these wonderfully CHEESY pics for the blog. He's the BEST!

Side Before 

Front Before


19 LBS gone 23 days....

NO GYM... not a workout one to be my pre-baby body 
(except the mowing the lawn ;o)

Now I can't wait to finish MAINTENANCE, go to the State FAIR, and know I won't gain 5 lbs!

I will track and give tips on the  Maintenance plan. Its simple, BUT the most important part! 

(These results are just Real, and they are just me... Still no time for make up as a mommy! Thank goodness for my Permanent Eyeliner! I told my Sis-in-Law, my new definition on MakeUp, LIPGLOSS!!!!!!!!!)

If you want to change your life and look like I did, in 23 Days, Click here.....


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 22



Continue the diet like usual these last two days!

My weight this morning was less than exciting....

Down but... of course you wish it was more....

I was at 158


I was hoping for more like 155ish but NO such luck.... I did have travel and a baby thats not sleeping consistently. I know that not having good rest definitely affects how your body is going to burn fat. 

I hope all of you are doing well... 

I will be doing my after pictures as soon as I am done to prove to everyone that I have been  ON IT!!! I want you guys to see if you think I shrunk where I had stored fat... 

It wasn't my arms or my lower legs... It is all in the MIDDLE! yippe....

I am 5.5 lbs away from pre-baby weight now.

 I would say not SHABBY for 3 weeks!!! It took me 10 months to gain it!!!!! 

My skin on my tummy has amazed me... it has gone back to just like before... I am loving that... Because I think I had myself psyched up to be a sloppy mess. Thank you Lord for the miracle that you do with our bodies bringing these wonderful angels into this world!!! I am ready for #2 ;) (when its time)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 21

This morning my weight was up .2

Not sure except my weigh in time was earlier.

Today I cut out melbas to see if it helped me, and drank LOTS OF WATER..... Stayed near a potty, I felt pregnant all over again! 


12pm Chicken over Bibb Lettuce Apples and dressing.... (apple cider vinegar, spicy mustard, and a few stevia) Blend up and serve. 

4pm 6 Strawberries

6:30 pm 3.5oz Southwest Chicken with HOT sauce and Cauliflower salad


Day 20

12pm Chicken FAJITA
Sliced Chicken precooked in a skillet sliced onion and bell pepper squeezed lemon. When almost done, add the Valencia sauce (found on the mexican isle) Enjoy!

4pm Grapefruit 

6pm Steak with SPIKE seasoning and Green Beans

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I have kept it sooo simple but today I just got to the point I cant even think about steak....

I was struggling thinking I still have some to lose and I am sick of eating the same things.... I loved the cauliflower salad Mom made me this weekend. I got the stuff to make that and have it in the fridge. Got some different sauces and such for some new flavors! I am looking forward to this week now!!!

If you guys have hit plateaus you DONT have to do apple or steak day.... 

try switching up what you are use to... different veggies raw or cooked... hang in there... you will see some change.

BUT A BIG HOORAY to everyone who is doing the Skinny Drops along with me....